Commissioning and Grants

The VRN commissions a range of projects and initiatives with the aim of advancing our work and/or testing the effectiveness of interventions. You can find details of available opportunities below.

Youth Involvement Fund

We are looking for voluntary and community sector organisations to work with us over a six-month period to increase the involvement of young people (11-24 years) in the VRN partnership whilst simultaneously co-producing a sustainable Youth Involvement Framework designed by young people for young people. It is important that you are already embedded in local communities and regularly working with groups of young people, including those most affected by violence and other related issues. You will be passionate about the strengths and potential of young people and have a track record of providing participation and involvement opportunities which have a demonstrable impact on the design and delivery of your work. A willingness to work closely with the VRN central team and the other successful providers is critical. We are determined and ambitious in our mission and believe close collaboration is essential to success.

What do we hope to achieve?

This initiative has the dual aim of increasing involvement opportunities for young people whilst also co-producing a sustainable Youth Involvement Framework which will drive future work. We hope to achieve the following:

  • Delivery of a range of tangible youth involvement activity focusing on agreed topics related to violence, its causes and solutions to share knowledge, generate debate, gather insights and shape responses.

  • Development of a community-based Youth Forum for Violence Prevention

  • Creation of a Youth Involvement Framework which specifies how the VRN partnership engages and involves young people in the future.

  • Co-production of material for campaigns such as ‘Make a Stand Against Violence’ and our resource website for young people ( to increase their relevance to young people and their reach.

  • Involvement in regional and national initiatives to broaden the platform and young people’s influence on the system.

How much funding is available?

£50,000 has been allocated to this fund. Organisations can apply for grants up to the value of £10,000.

Interested organisations can find further guidance and the application form below.

Applications should be submitted by: Friday 26th November at 17:00

You can contact David O’Hanlon-Ribbins ( or Sumaya Bihi ( for additional information and support with the application process.