EngAge Young Adult Project

The Serious Youth Violence Strategic Needs Assessment (SNA) undertaken by the VRN confirmed that the rate of serious violence by those under 25 years is almost twice that of those aged 25 years and over. The role of the EngAge team is to intervene early with young adults when they are starting to become involved in criminal activity, including aggression and violence and thereby prevent the progression of offending.  The team also plays an important role in supporting transitions between young people and adult services where the risk of reoffending is likely to increase.   


The concept of ‘reachable moments’ is integral to the scope of the EngAge team wherein a pro-active approach to identifying opportunities to engage young adults is taken. This includes close working with Police to explore how making contact with young people shortly after arrest, including in custody suites, can be achieved.


Key referral pathways include:

  • Self-referral

  • Youth offending teams

  • Care leavers team

  • Police through the imposition of community resolutions and conditional cautions

  • Pro-active referral through police custody suites and engagement with other partnership forums such as IOM. JAGs and the Exploitation Hub

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