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VRN Winter Violence Prevention Fund

Grant Applications are now closed and successful providers and
their projects will appear below shortly

The Violence Reduction Network (VRN) has additional funding of £52,080 available to local social enterprises and charities to help them with financial difficulties and supporting vulnerable young people over the winter months. Consistent with the VRN’s focus, the fund is for those charities and social enterprises that are working with children and young people to prevent their involvement in serious violence, exploitation and county lines.


The funding is short-term, for delivery up until 31st March 2021 although applicants will be able to claim for any cost incurred since 05 November 2020 (this date represents the start of the November National Covid-19 restrictions). The fund is to meet additional costs already incurred and/or likely to be incurred whilst adapting services during the latest restrictions, and to cope with demand increases resulting from it.


Criteria of the work

  • Should focus on young people involved in or vulnerable to Serious Violence or Exploitation including County Lines. This also includes addressing the risk factors of Serious Violence, Exploitation and County Lines

  • Where possible should involve face-to-face delivery as long as it adheres to national/ local restrictions and virtual delivery where this is no possible

  • Can be delivered across any geographical area of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, although applications proposing activity in our priority areas of West and East Leicester and Charnwood are particularly welcome

  • Supports young people up to the age of 25

  • Can be delivered in full no later than 31st March 2021


Amounts of up to £5,000 can be applied for, up to which can be used on the following core costs, which can be backdated to 5 November 2020:


  • Gas/electric

  • Rent and rates

  • Broadband/phone

  • Management and administration staffing costs

  • Cleaning and PPE equipment


However, we would encourage applications to focus the majority of their spending on activity costs, which can also include:


  • Additional staff/volunteer time to deliver projects

  • Equipment costs which support delivery to young people

  • Staff support such as counselling and mentoring support


There is a very tight turnaround time for funding requests and therefore we require you to submit your funding application to us by 5pm on 1st February 2021 at the latest. Decisions will be made that week and successful applicants informed.



To be eligible for this Funding, organisations must be a registered charity or social enterprise.



Recipients will be asked to complete and submit a monitoring report at the end of the reporting period which includes confirmation of the number of young people supported.


How to apply

If you would like to apply for funding and your organisation can meet the eligibility criteria then please complete the documents below and return it to us at vrn@leics.pcc.pnn.gov.uk.


Previous Funding:

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