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Chance 2 Change

VRN priority: Prevention (Secondary) Community

Reach: 16 - 25 year olds in East Leicester, West Leicester and Charnwood 

Chance 2 Change was co-designed with communities and aims to reach young people getting involved in violence in community settings. It is funded by the VRN, OPCC, City Council and Charnwood Community Safety Partnership and our delivery partner is The Y.


The project offers on-road mentoring support from credible community-based mentors. Mentors engage with individuals at risk of involvement in violence to encourage positive social norms, offer emotional support and aim to improve social skills, whilst also supporting them to navigate and access support across the system in order to achieve their goals. The mentors take a very pro-active approach, advocating for young people and ensuring they are offered the right support, in the right place and at the right time.  

Most referrals are through street-based engagement, but partners can also refer to the project by email.

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