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Leadership for the VRN is provided by the Violence Reduction Board, comprising senior leaders from local authorities, health, fire, schools, the Police and Crime Commissioner and his office, police, youth justice, prisons, probation and the voluntary and community sector.

The board is supported by a Serious Violence Delivery Group and Community Panels.

There is also a VRN central team.

The Violence
Reduction Board

Serious Violence
Delivery Group



The Violence Reduction Board

The Violence Reduction Board provides the system-wide leadership and strategic co-ordination of our collective response to serioud violence.

The Board also holds accountability for the VRN team which sits within the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and the Police and Crime Commissioner meets with the VRN Director on a weekly basis.

The Violence Reduction Board sits within the Strategic Partnership Board (SPB) infrastructure.

Chaired by the Police and Crime Commissioner, the SPB comprises Chief Officers from across the partnership and holds overall responsibility for tackling the harmful behavious that threaten our communities.

The purpose of the Violence Reduction Board is to provide the system-wide leadership and strategic co-ordination of the local response to serious violence.  The VRN's ability to tackle serious violence and in particular its causes will require the active contribution of all relevant partners.


Board members have the following responsibilities:

  • Providing governance and accountability for the work of the VRN including the VRN Team and the Serious Violence Delivery Group

  • Championing and applying the priorities, principles and methodology of the VRN within and beyond their own organisation

  • Leading the cultural change required to secure a paradigm shift towards prevention and earlier intervention

  • Acting as a sponsor for relevant VRN intiatives to support design and mobilisation

  • Ensuring their organisation contributes to this response stragegy, where relevant leading on agreed areas of activity


Serious Violence Delivery Group

Drawn from the agencies represented within the core membership, members of the group are, in effect, the operational leads for serious violence (or related issues) within their organisation.

Members of the group fulfil the following role:

  • Support the VRN team in the delivery of the Response Strategy

  • Ensure connections are made and/or strengthened between relevant areas of business

  • Champion the work of the VRN and lead the pursuit of our priorities, principles and methodology, including articulating their organisation's contribution to serious violence prevention

  • Jointly problem-solve issues and barriers arising


Community Panels

Alongside community representation at Board level, we are committed to ensuring communities influence and contribute to the work of the Board, VRN team and the Serious Violence Delivery Group.

Comprising community leaders and VRN team members, Community Panels will meet regularly and fulfil the following role:

  • Raise and discuss local issues relating to serious violence

  • Map local assets and resources and strengthen local networks

  • Directly shape the VRN's community partnership work including the design of relevant initiatives

  • Scrutinise the wider work of the VRN and raise issues which require attention from other partners

  • Board and Delivery Group members will be invited to attend community panels throughout the year.