The VRN has brought this programme into our area with support from Graham Goulden, a leading expert in MVP and bystander approaches.  Schools and partners have been identified for phase one of this ground breaking programme.

The programme has demonstrated promising outcomes, including reductions in exclusions, in areas such as Scotland and the West Midlands wherein the MVP has been running for several years.

MVP is a peer mentoring and leadership programme that aims to create safe and supportive learning environments by challenging bullying and abuse, building relationships and creating partnerships between schools and communities.

MVP trains secondary school students to speak out against all forms of bullying, violence and abusive behaviour and is based on a 'bystander' approach that empowers each student to take an active role in promoting a positive school climate.

Within the MVP programme young people are identified not as victims or perpetrators but as empowered bystanders able to support peers and challenge inappropriate behaviour.  The programme has the potential to improve and reduce rates of exclusions and the occurrence of violence incidents; it can also bring about a change in culture within schools towards a more restorative approach to behaviour and also create a safer and more settled environment.

If you school is interested in the MVP Programme, then please contact us.

Mentors in Violence Prevention

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