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Trauma-Informed Leicester,
Leicestershire and Rutland

The VRN is part of local developments to become a trauma informed area. We have established a Leadership group with representation from a range of partners and commissioned the support and expertise of George Hosking from WAVE Trust. The aims of the group are:

  • Build and agree shared language and understanding within the group.

  • Develop a shared vision and a trauma-informed strategy and plan.

  • Co-produce a framework for trauma-informed  organisations including for use in self and peer assessments.

  • Build foundational awareness amongst our organisations through communication activity.

  • Co-produce a workforce development framework.

  • Work within parent organisations to assess readiness and develop internal plans.

  • Report progress and make recommendations to the Strategic Partnership Board Executive.

  • Offer peer support and review.


More details, including a resources library, coming very soon.

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Trauma-Informed Training

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