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The Youth Involvement Project

Following a grant application process, the VRN has partnered with eight community-based organisations to advance plans to amplify youth voice and ensure young people influence and shape local responses to serious violence. This new partnership, led by the VRN’s Community and Young Person Involvement Officer, will be collaborating over the next six months to ensure that young people most likely to be affected by violence are given concrete and credible opportunities to get involved and influence and experience change. The aims of the project are:


  • Delivery of a range of tangible youth involvement activity focusing on agreed topics related to violence, its causes and solutions to share knowledge, generate debate, gather insights and shape responses.

  • Development of a community-based Youth Forum for Violence Prevention

  • Creation of a Youth Involvement Framework which specifies how the VRN partnership engages and involves young people in the future.

  • Co-production of material for campaigns such as ‘Make a Stand Against Violence’ and our resource website for young people ( to increase their relevance to young people and their reach.

  • Involvement in regional and national initiatives to broaden the platform and young people’s influence on the system including active participation in the national Hope Collective


The eight partners working directly with the VRN team on this project are:


  • Go Getta CIC

  • Leicestershire Cares

  • Pedestrian Ltd


  • St Matthews Big Local

  • Team Hub

  • The Cooke E-Learning Foundation (E2)

  • Women4Change


If you are interested in finding out more or getting involved then please contact Lisa Wilkinson at

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