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Trauma-Informed Training

A trauma-informed training programme designed and delivered by national charity Barnardo’s and funded by the Violence Reduction Network. The free training offer is open to all practitioners and managers working within services who support children, adults families and communities within the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland area. It aims to inform professionals about childhood adversity and trauma and how it can affect individuals across their life-course. Practitioners will also be supported to develop their approach and skills so that they are in a stronger position to prevent and mitigate the potentially negative impact of trauma on children’s health and social outcomes.


The training is currently delivered via Zoom and includes the following modules:

  • Tier 1: Introduction to ACEs and Trauma Informed Practice (3.5hrs)
    Aim: To improve basic knowledge of childhood adversity and trauma and the way that this can impact upon behaviour and outcomes for Children, Young People and Families

  • Tier 2a: Developing Trauma Informed Practice

    Aim: To take a deeper look into the different forms trauma can take and how we can all be trauma informed in our day-to-day roles.

  • Tier 2b: Trauma Informed Organisations for Senior Leaders

    Aim: To develop ideas from previous trainings around Childhood Adversity and Trauma Informed Practice. This course will be focused on how to apply key principles within a whole organisational approach to trauma informed practice.


Trauma-Informed Training
Tier 1

Trauma-Informed Training
Tier 2a

Trauma-Informed Training
Tier 2b

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