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‘What Works’ in Preventing Violence

Youth Endowment Fund (YEF) Toolkit

The YEF Toolkit summarises the best available research evidence about different approaches to preventing serious youth violence. It is based on real life data about what has happened when these approaches have been used before.

It provides insight on 27 different approaches, with more continually being added. For each approach it explains what it is, how effective it’s likely to be, how confident you can be in the evidence of its impact, as well as indicative costs and links to related resources and programmes.

College of Policing: Toolkit to Reduce Knife Crime

This resource has been produced through a College of Policing and National Police Chiefs’ Collaboration. Using a problem-solving approach to tackling the issue, the guide contains broad approaches that are effective in tackling knife crime, including good practice from across the UK;  a practical toolkit of tactics to use, such as interventions in schools, weapon sweeps and focused deterrence; advice on how to use data to tailor a response to local problems.


YEF – What Works: Preventing Children and Young People Becoming Involved in Violence

This document predates the YEF Toolkit and was developed by the YEF as a first step to help you lead local efforts to prevent children and young people from becoming involved in violence. It summarises knowledge of different programmes and approaches, and their efficacy at reducing youth violence.   

Early Intervention Foundation’s Guidebook 

The EIF Guidebook provides information about early intervention programmes that have been evaluated and shown to improve outcomes for children and young people.

The Guidebook provides a wealth of information about the specific outcomes a programme has been shown to improve, how the programme works, how it is delivered, and the conditions or resources that can make a programme more likely to be effective. By selecting the child outcome ‘Preventing crime, violence and antisocial behaviour’ using the filter function, you will be able to access information about successful programmes. 

Public Health England – Bystander Interventions to Prevent Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence

Published in 2020 and with the introduction of the Serious Violence Duty, this resource will be useful for anyone interested in tackling the root causes of violence and change behaviours that bring about violence. It provides a toolkit and good practice examples of how bystander approaches can be used to prevent violence. 

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