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The Violence Intervention Project (VIP) is a pioneering new service for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland which focuses on helping young people at a 'reachable moment',   The service was launched in 2019 and has now been comissioned until March 2021.

The project is being delivered by Turning Point in the Emergency Department of Royal Leicester Royal Infirmary and offers support and mentorship to young people who have been admitted after sustaining stab wounds or other injuries from violence.

Specially trained VIP workers offer guidance to young victims at a critical point when they may be feeling most vulnerable and fearful.  The VIP team are working alongside clinicians and other specialist workers such as mental health specialists, substance misuse workers and Independent Domestic Violence Advicates to offer support on a voluntary basis.

Once the young person is discharged, the VIP worker continues to support them through mentoring, providing support and advice to make long-term positive plans, enabling them to break away from cycles of violence and offending.

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