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What we do

  1. Leadership and Cultural Change
    To secure system change through investing in the
    leadership and cultural change necessary to prevent
    violence in the long-term.


  2. Prevention
    To prevent violence through developing responses that address its causes, reduce known risk factors, and strengthen protective factors. Responses span six inter-related thematic areas: Parenting and Families; Health; Education and Schools; Community; Youth work and Diversion; Rehabilitation and Recovery.

  3. Criminal Justice and Enforcement
    To secure reductions in serious violence through evidence-informed criminal justice and enforcement responses.


  4. Data Sharing, Evidence and Evaluation
    To maximise our impact on serious violence through making the best use of multi-agency data, insights and evidence.

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Our work spans the four strategic priorities outlined in our Response Strategy:

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You can find examples of our work below:





Commissioning and Grants

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