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Sports and Violence Reduction

We believe that violence is preventable if we combine our efforts to tackle the causes of violence and develop evidence-based responses. This requires all partners – including communities – to work collaboratively and courageously to make our area a safer place to live for everyone.


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Sports and Violence Reduction Group?

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Specific data and insights into LLR Community Sports Sector


Community Sport Cluster Meetings


Along with Active Together and Street Games, in October 2022 we co-hosted the 'Sports and VRN Audit Feedback' event at The Peepul Centre.

During the event, delegates from a range of local community ports providers heard from guest speakers including Millie Grant (VRN Head of Delivery), Megan Spinks (Sports and Violence Reduction Coordinator) and Graham Helm of Street Games, Dave Stock of Active Together and Dr Caron Walpole of Loughborough University.

Areas covered:

  • An overview of current sports provision in LLR.

  • Gaps in current service provision.

  • How sports can be used to prevent/reduce crime.

  • Worked on developing future practice together.

  • The Street Games interactive map of sports throughout LLR.

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