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The VRN Team

The VRN partnership has invested in a multi-disciplinary central team to drive the planning and delivery of the VRN's mission and programme of work. The role of the VRN team is to:

  • Lead the development of data sharing and analysis to inform strategic planning and operations.

  • Champion the VRN's vision, principles and methodology, and support partners to apply these in the development of organisations and sectors responses to serious violence.

  • Lead the delivery of the Serious Violence Prevention Strategy.

  • Ensure young people and communities are fully involved in all aspects of the VRN's work.

  • Coordinate and promote strategic messaging and campaigns around serious violence.

  • Design, test and evaluate evidence-informed strategies to prevent violence.

  • Generate and cascade learning across the Network.

Meet the Team:

Grace Strong.jpg
Grace Strong.jpg

Grace Strong

Grace Strong

Strategic Director

Grace works on behalf of the Strategic Partnership Board and is responsible for the overall leadership and strategic development of the Network. She also leads the VRN central team.

Beth Grewcock.jpeg

Bethany Grewcock

Strategic Data and Insights

Beth's role is dedicated to improving our understanding of serious violence through the sharing, analysis, and use of data. She has developed the Serious Violence dashboard for internal and external use and provides data products to support intervention and performance monitoring.

David Ribbins.jpg

David Ribbins

Lead for Children and Families

David leads the VRN's prevention work focusing on parenting and families, education. This includes developing resources and co-leading the Trauma-Informed Schools Network and Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) programme as well as playing an active role in the Families Affected by Parental Imprisonment group. 


Laura Summers

Lead for Trauma-Informed Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland

Laura’s role is all about supporting the system-wide developments to become a trauma-informed area. She collaborates with the Leadership Group to develop and coordinate approaches to preventing and mitigating childhood trauma and adversity to improve outcomes for children, families and communities.  Laura works jointly across both the VRN and the OPCC team.


Millie Gant

Programme Manager

Millie ensures that the VRN programme operates efficiently. Working closely with the VRN team and key stakeholders, Millie oversees the delivery of the Network's projects and monitors their implementation and progress.

Alistair Wilson_edited.jpg

Alistair Wilson

Evidence and Evaluation Lead

Alistair leads on the development of our evaluation strategy on behalf of the partnership, designing process and impact evaluations, and commissioning and managing external evaluations. They are also responsible for advising the partnership on how best to design and deploy interventions to achieve best impact.

Lisa Wilkinson.jpeg

Lisa Wilkinson

Community and Young People Involvement Officer

Lisa’s role is all about young people and communities. She is responsible for ensuring the VRN works collaboratively with communities and involves young people in all aspects of our work. Lisa is also a member of the operational group of the National Hope Collective.


Kulsum Patel

Business Support Officer

Kulsum's role is integral to the smooth smooth running of the VRN.  She works closely with the Programme Manager and our Provider Network as well as the central VRN team and wider partnership helping to co-ordinate, support and facilitate all that we do. 

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