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Who we are

We are one of 21 Violence Reduction Units (VRUs) across the United Kingdom committed to understanding and tackling the root causes of violence. We named our VRU a Network to reflect our core belief that everyone has a role to play and we can only prevent violence if we work together.

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We take a public health approach to our work, investing and using data and research, focusing on prevention and early intervention as well as Criminal Justice responses and working closely with communities to develop, deliver and evaluate solutions.

You can learn more about our approach, the partnership, our work with communities and the central team below.


Understand our focus, core principles and how we apply a public health approach to tackle serious violence locally.


Read about our wide partnership and the role of our Violence Reduction Board.


Find out how we work collaboratively and courageously with communities.


Meet the VRN central team and the role they play on behalf of the partnership.

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