VRN Briefings



Briefing No. 1 - May 2020

About the Violence Reduction Network

The Violence Reduction Network (VRN) is a wide alliance of groups, communities and organisations from across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland (LLR). We share the common goal of reducing and preventing serious violence through understanding and tackling its root causes

Briefing No. 2 - May 2020

The VRN's Serious Violence Definition

The VRN’s definition includes all ages and is drawn from applicable crime types within Home Office crime groupings: Homicide, Violence with Injury and Robbery.

Briefing No. 3 - June 2020

Risk and Protective Factors for Youth Violence

The Violence Reduction Network’s (VRN) Strategic Needs Assessments explored the research and literature concerning the risk factors and protective factors relating to youth violence and serious violence. 

Briefing No. 4 - July 2020

Preventing Serious Youth Violence

The Strategic Needs Assessment (2020) explored the research and literature to identify public health informed models for violence prevention and the evidence-base for what works in preventing youth violence. This briefing provides an overview of learning.

Response Strategy: Preventing Serious Violence

This Response Strategy outlines how the core and wider membership of the Violence Reduction Network (VRN) will prevent and tackle the issue of serious violence locally with a particular focus on the under 25-year-old age group.


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