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Welcome to the Trauma Informed Partnership

The Trauma Informed Partnership is a cross sector network of professionals who are collectively working to strengthen our systems response to childhood trauma and adversity in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

Our Approach 

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Our Strategic Priorities

Our five strategic priorities simultaneously focus on developing Trauma Informed policy and practice through raising awareness, investing in the development of volunteers and staff and building Trauma Informed organisations as well as ensuring there is sufficient focus on pursuing strategies and building resilience in the pursuit of prevention.

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They are:


  1. Increase Awareness and Understanding
    We will raise awareness and understanding about trauma, it’s prevalence and impact and how everyone can play a role in preventing trauma, mitigating its impact, and avoiding re-traumatisation.

  2. Develop and Deliver Prevention Strategies
    We will identify and pursue prevention opportunities across the system and develop and strengthen strategies which   contribute to safe, stable, nurturing relationships and   environments for all children, families, and communities.

  3. Equip and Support Our Workforce
    We will enhance the knowledge and skills of our workforce and provide on-going support so they can adopt a Trauma Informed approach in their everyday practice.  

  4. Support Organisations to become Trauma Informed
    We will develop, agree, and implement a common self-assessment framework to guide organisations in their journeys to become Trauma Informed and to ensure an evidence-informed, consistent approach is adopted within and across organisations.

  5. Build Resilience in Partnership with Communities
    We will collaborate with families and communities, strengthening assets and co-producing solutions to build resilience and our collective ability to prevent trauma and mitigate its impacts.


You can find about more about our approach in our Trauma Informed Strategy here.

Organisational Self-Assessment & Consultancy

Learn about our Shared Principles and available support. 

Network Meetings

Discover more about our Networks and sign up.

Training & Events

Find out more about local and national training and events.

Newsletters, Briefings & Reports

Regular updates on the work of the Partnership and the wider Network as well as our Strategy.

Train the Trainer Area 

Access to training resources (Members only area).


Explore a range of resources to enhance knowledge and practice.

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