Mentors in Violence Prevention

VRN priority: Leadership & Cultural Change; Prevention (Primary - Education and Schools)
Reach: 11-16 year olds across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland

The Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) project is a peer-led leadership and bystander programme. MVP trains students as Mentors and equips them with the confidence, knowledge and skills to identify and speak out against bullying, abusive behaviour and violence. It aims to tackle the beliefs, attitudes and culture which can give the message that some violence is acceptable. Ultimately MVP promotes the healthy social norms and culture which is known to prevent violence.


The VRN is initially supporting the implementation of MVP in secondary schools but the programme is transferable to many other settings including further and higher education, youth groups, sport clubs and the workplace. 


MVP links into and can be used as part of the schools PHSE programme.


Please refer to the briefing sheet below for further details on the MVP project.



If your school is interested in the MVP Programme, then please contact us.

Mentors In Violence Leicester Leicesters

Violence Intervention Project

VRN priority: Prevention (Tertiary - Rehabilitation and Recovery)
Reach: 11-25 year olds attending Accident & Emergency at Leicester Royal Infirmary for violence-related injuries

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The Violence Intervention Project (VIP) provides timely and tailored support to young people attending the Accident & Emergency department.


Commonly referred to as a "reachable moment", support workers employed by our delivery partner, Turning Point, engage with the young person at this critical point in their lives and offer support to assist recovery and address pressing issues such as safety and emotional well-being.

The workers will continue to support the young person following discharge, offering mentoring and practical assistance to empower them to achieve their goals.


Unlocking Potential Project

VRN priority: Prevention (Tertiary - Rehabilitation and Recovery)
Reach: 16-25 year olds in contact with the Criminal Justice system and residing in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland

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The Unlocking Potential (UP) Project focuses on improving education, training and employment for 16-25 year olds in contact with the Criminal Justice system and currently/previously involved in violence.

Provided by our delivery partner, Leicestershire Cares, UP project workers offer holistic support to address social, practical, economic, and emotional needs which can prevent young people from accessing education, training and employment opportunities.

Leicestershire Cares has built an impressive partnership with local businesses which also provides concrete opportunities for young people engaged with the UP Project. This includes work placements as well as training and employment opportunities.