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Specialist Provider: Education, Training and Employment

VRN priority:  Prevention (Secondary and Tertiary) Diversion,

Reach: 11-25 year olds across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland

This specialist service, delivered by our partners at Leicestershire Cares, contributes to the prevention and reduction of serious violence by providing expert advice and facilitating swift and concrete opportunities for education, training and employment for young people who are being supported by VRN interventions.​

Leicestershire Cares will work with young people to understand their needs
and interests, and to build their confidence and capability to enable them to access a wide range of opportunities. Young people are provided with employability support services including CV building, career talks, mock interviews, support with job applications and mentoring sessions (including from business members), and access to education or training courses, work placements and community-based work experience where appropriate.

Referrals for this specialist intervention come through The Phoenix ProgrammeThe VIP Programme and The Reach Programme.

Find out more about the project and the types of support services Leicestershire Cares provides for young people below.


Through support from Leicestershire Cares BM was able to clarify his career goals and identify the areas he would like to develop in the future.


T.B was referred to Leicestershire Cares (ETE) support as a participant in the VIP Project, aiming to pursue a career in the fashion industry. 

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