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Mentors in Violence  Prevention (MVP)

VRN priority: Prevention (Primary) Education and Schools

Reach: 5 -19 year old primary and secondary school pupils across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland

The MVP project is a peer-led leadership and bystander programme.
It aims to tackle the beliefs, attitudes and culture which can give the
message that violence is acceptable. Ultimately MVP promotes healthy
social norms and a culture which is known to prevent violence.

Mentors In Violence Leicester Leicesters

Our local programme involves adults (in education settings) learning all about
MVP with our expert trainer and adviser, Graham Goulden from Cultivating Minds. Training takes places via MS teams over thee 90 minutes sessions and is fully supported through an online training programme and a suite of resources to enable schools and organisations to implement and deliver the MVP programme.







Trained adults then go on to to train older pupils as MVP Mentors. The programme equips MVP Mentors with the confidence, knowledge and skills to identify and speak out against bullying, abusive behaviour and violence. With support of staff, they can also deliver sessions to younger pupils focusing on issues which matter to them (e.g. bullying, healthy relationships, knife carrying). MVP Mentors receive a certificate and badge in recognition of their achievement. 

The VRN initially supported the implementation of MVP in secondary schools across LLR

and as of October 2023, are also supporting the programme as it moves into primary school settings. As the programme can be tailored to suit various needs, it is transferable to many other settings including further and higher education, community and youth groups, sport clubs and the workplace.  The value of the programme has been acknowledged by many local schools that have integrated the MVP project into their PHSE curriculum.

VRN Briefing No. 5 explains more about the programme and its implementation, mobilisation and links to PHSE criteria.

There are 43 schools across LLR who are part of the MVP Network. MVP schools are regularly invited to attend MVP Network meetings to hear the latest updates from the VRN, guest speakers and share good practice across the partnership.

Meetings are held via MS Teams and recordings, along with any presentation slides will be shared with members via the password protected link.

Coming Soon

Please email us if you would like further information, to get involved or require certificates and/or MVP badges for your MVP Mentors. 

If you or your organisation has undertaken MVP Training, please click on the password protected link below to access and download all relevant resources needed for delivery of the MVP programme. 

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