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Violence Intervention Project 


Violence Intervention Project (VIP)

VRN priority: Prevention (Tiertiary) Rehabilitation and Recovery 

Reach: 11-25 year olds attending Accident and Emergency at Leicester Royal Infirmary for violence-related injuries or in police custody for violence related offences.

Designed and funded by the VRN, the Violence Intervention Project (VIP) provides timely and tailored support to young people attending the Accident & Emergency department. In 2022, the project extended its operations to the custody suite at Euston Street Police Station


Commonly referred to as a "reachable moment", support workers employed by our delivery partner, Turning Point, engage with the young person at this critical point in their lives and offer support to assist recovery and/or desistence and address pressing issues such as safety and emotional well-being. The workers will continue to support the young person following discharge/release, offering mentoring and practical assistance to empower them to achieve their goals.


As this is a reachable moment service, VIP usually receives referrals through the A&E and Custody setting.

Find out more about the VIP Team by reading their newsletter - click on the cover to open.

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