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Public Health Approaches

World Health Organisation (WHO) – Violence: A Global Public Health Problem

In this report, the World Health Organisation sets out the four key steps to a public health approach, how violence is defined, the forms that violence can take, how violence and its impacts can be measured, the roots causes of violence including the ecological model, and how violence can be prevented.

HM Government – Guidance on Preventing Serious Violence

This website provides guidance on what a public health approach to violence is and how to implement a multi-agency approach. It also includes a set of principles to help partners work together to prevent serious violence such as collaboration, co-production, cooperation in data and intelligence sharing, counter-narrative development and community consensus.  

College of Policing – Public Health Approaches in Policing

The purpose of this resource is to explore what is meant by “a public health approach” in the context of policing. It is designed to support police and their partners in understanding and applying public health approaches to policing.

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