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Community Events and Training

The VRN hold various events and training sessions with and for communities to empower communities to play their role in preventing violence.  We also regularly attend events organised by communities to highlight the work of the partnership. Below you find out more about available training and the events we've been involved with as well as events that are coming up.

Community Partnership Annual Event

The VRN and Community Leaders Network host a collaborative annual event with and for the voluntary and community sector across Leicester, Leicestershire, and Rutland.

In the Voluntary and Community Sector Event in 2022, held at the Leicester City football ground, community partners:

  • Received an update from the Home Office about the new Serious Violence Duty

  • Co-produced elements of the Community Partnership Framework through collaborative activities defining the meaning of working ‘with and for communities.’

  • Worked collaboratively with wider VRN partners to identify the partnership’s
    current strengths and areas to develop which have been included in the
    Preventing Serious Violence Strategy.

  • Received workforce development around key topic areas including:

    • What works in preventing serious violence.

    • Trauma informed practice.

    • Bid writing.

    • Social media strategy.

    • Awareness of ADHD.

    • Campaigns.

    • Understanding the impact of parental imprisonment.

Scroll though the gallery below to see the event in action and/or click on an image to increase the size.

The Leicester, Leicestershire, and Rutland Hope Hack


The VRN is a strategic partner of the Hope Collective, a progressive partnership of leading organisations from across sectors with a shared vision to work together in unity to create real change for young people and communities across the UK. The Collective runs ‘Hope Hacks’ all over the country to enable young people to come together with decision makers, have their voice heard and design solutions to the most important challenges they face.  The solutions generated by young people will be presented to parliament in the 'Hope Collective Reimagined Manifesto later this year. 


In 2022 we hosted our first LLR Hope Hack at the Peepul Centre in Leicester, involving over 80 young people from communities across LLR.

During the day young people:

  • Took part in a panel discussion around the causes of violence within
    our communities.

  • Facilitated, led, and took part in workshops around key themes chosen
    by young people. These included:

    • Gender.

    • Poverty and Inequality.

    • Race and Diversity.

    • Meeting the needs of young people.

    • Mental Health.

  • Listened to a performance by a talented local young artist.

  • Presented back on their solutions to decision makers across the partnership.

Scroll though the gallery below to see the event in action and/or click on an image to increase the size.

Next Event:
7th march


Community Led Events

Alongside hosting events, we also regularly attend community events hosted by the wider partnership to highlight the work of the VRN and celebrate the work of the partnership.

For more information on community events and training, please get in touch with the Community and Young Person Involvement Officer, Lisa Wilkinson, via the link.

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